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Capital Market an investment tool

In  MBA Dept.

 A guest lecture on “Capital market an Investment Tool” was conducted by MBA Department, AIMT.

The speakers of lecture were Mr. Ankit and Mr. Rachit from Sharekhan.

The session was conducted on 27th March, 2019; the duration of the session was for two hour from 1:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.

Dr Shweta Mishra (HOD MBA) felicitated the speakers and introduced the speakers to students.

Mr. Ankit from Sharekhan gave a briefing about the topic and has an interactive discussion with the students. Later, Mr. Rachit joined Mr. Ankit and discussed the detail about Capital market and how it acts as an investment tool along with the advantages to invest in capital market.

Mr. Rachit in his lecture discussed about the methods to deal with the Capital market and how the policies and framework affects the working of Capital Market.

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