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“Warm up Sessions for Fourth year students on Numerical Aptitude”—–Sessions took by visiting faculties on Numerical and reasoning to embellish the Quant and Aptitude skills in fourth year students which has become a prevalent requirement of Industry in current scenario.

[mk_gallery title=”1st Day workshop- 7th March 2018″ images=”5168,5169″ column=”2″][mk_gallery images=”5170,5171″ column=”2″][mk_gallery images=”5172,5173″ column=”2″][mk_gallery images=”5174,5175″ column=”2″][mk_gallery images=”5176,5177″ column=”2″][mk_gallery images=”5178″ column=”1″][mk_gallery title=”Day 2- 8th March 2018″ images=”5186,5187″ column=”2″][mk_gallery images=”5188,5189″ column=”2″][mk_gallery][mk_gallery][mk_gallery][mk_gallery title=”DAY 3- 9TH MARCH 2018″ images=”5191,5194″ column=”2″][mk_gallery images=”5192,5195″ column=”2″][mk_gallery images=”5193,5196″ column=”2″]